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We offer 100% all-natural cleaning, affordable rates, flexible scheduling, and customized service to give you the cleanest and healthiest home possible.

  • We’re a licensed, insured, woman-owned, and locally-operated business. We pride ourselves on providing fair-paying jobs for local Philadelphians, while creating a cleaner and healthier city for our clients and community

  • We provide all of our own supplies, which are all handcrafted with 100% organic ingredients so they’re healthier for kids, pets, and indoor air quality

  • If you so wish, we can schedule the same cleaners each visit

  • We offer discounted and/or set-rates for monthly, tri-weekly, or bi-weekly cleanings

  • We accept various methods of payment including venmo, emailed invoice, debit, or credit card

Residential Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

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